At TicketTote, it's important that we provide you with an easy and quick ticketing solution. You should be able to complete your purchase in minutes, and have plenty of options to make your life easier. We work daily to integrate new ticketing technologies to achieve this goal, while making sure your purchase is secure (our fraud protection, and SSL certification are second to none).
So, take a look below at our many features available to you. While you're at it, you can also check out our tutorials before buying a ticket, so that you can take advantage of all TicketTote features.
Buy Tickets

Buy Tickets

Purchase your tickets with peace of mind: when you buy on TicketTote, you're buying a secure, unique ticket that can only be used once. You're also paying some of the lowest fees for tickets in the industry. In minutes, you'll have the ticket you want emailed to you, and if you have any issues at all ... you can just talk to one of our live chat specialists. Now that's customer service.
Ticket History

Ticket History (Forever)

Can't find the email we sent you with your ticket? Perhaps your spam filters are extremely aggressive. Not a problem with TicketTote. Just login to your account and get instant access to every ticket you've ever purchased from us; past, present, and future. Now you have proof that you went to that concert where that crazy thing happened to tell your kids. Isn't tech fun?

Lightning Fast Events Updates

Sometimes a new act is added to the show, or weather causes delays. You'll never be left wondering what's going on with the next event you're attending, because ticket sellers can send you instant updates to your email. You can also reply directly to the ticket seller to get more information that you need before heading out to the show. Enjoy piece of mind knowing you're always up-to-date.
Payment Options

Tons Of Payment Options

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Credit Debit, PayPal, Discover (US only) , JCB (US only) ... well, we'd like to think we have everyone covered. Add to that, if you buy tickets through official event promoters, you can pay with cash, and you have a ticketing website with the most payment options on Earth.

Enter Contests & Win

When you buy a ticket to a TicketTote hosted event, you also get entered into our contesting and promotions system. Get access to exclusive ticket and merchandise giveaways right in your inbox. We adhere to strict spam policies. We don't email very often, and we never email after someone has unsubscribed from our list. So, I guess if you get tired of contests, you're covered.
Exclusive Offers

Access Exclusive Offers

Ticket sellers love to offer exclusive pre-codes or meet and greets to buyers, so consider buying tickets with us to be your membership into an exclusive club. We've also mastered the connection between past and future events. Let's say you went to a Rolling Stones concert. Now, the same promoter is bringing Paul McCartney; you'll know before everyone else.