The Ticket Tote Roadmap

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The Ticket Tote Roadmap
Ticket Tote Roadmap
The Ticket Tote Roadmap is Online
The NEW TicketTote is here ... and if you're a ticket seller, it is time to get excited. Wait ... that's not good enough. It is time to get excited!!! Yes, 3 exclamation points should show just how jazzed we are about the future. We already offer some of the largest range of features for event sellers on the market, but we're not stopping there. World domination is on our radar, and we want you to help us decide how we achieve that lofty goal.
That is why our team have launched the Ticket Tote Roadmap on a glorious service called Trello. There you will find what we're working on, what we will soon be working on, what the future holds, and there's a section for feature requests. Another handy dandy little feature is the ability to vote for the features you'd like to see us implement (perhaps we'll move them up in the timeline of updates). Just signup for a FREE Trello account and click vote after you've checked out the card with the feature you'd like to see created.
We're always working on features and improving the site, but sometimes what we're working on is top secret so just know that here is where you can find the many features that are coming on top of what we can't possibly let our competition know about.
So, happy voting, and please also report any bugs you find on the Bugs card. We will be checking that card regularly.
Happy selling!
Owner/Chief Strategist
16 June 2018